Why Landlords should use RentPro

You will like the way the RentPro Professional Property Management team handles residential property management in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa. We are property investors ourselves and we will treat your residential property investments as we do our own. Our aim is for you to have a hassle-free investment property that is maximising your returns now and in the future.

Our aim is to make property investment hassle-free for you. RentPro – doing the job right. That’s real peace of mind.

RentPro is owned and run by Dan Keller  – a respected property figure in the region. Dan was the President of the Tauranga Property Investors Association for nine years until 2012 and Vice President for the New Zealand Property Investors Federation until 2018.

Inspections and Maintenance

Regular property inspections are contractual and mandatory, not left to the whim of a property manager. We report to the owner within the next business day on how the tenant is looking after the property, on the overall property condition and recommendations on maintenance.

We arrange repair and maintenance work as required for your property promptly, using competitively priced, proven and reliable contractors who are available on call 24/7, including public holidays.

Tenant Management

Tenant selection has top priority, being the key to successful property management. RentPro always meets the prospective tenants in person, checks them and their credit history thoroughly and of course talks to their referees. When the tenant is approved RentPro organises the paperwork, pending agreement. This includes the tenancy agreement, the bond administration and a comprehensive pre-move-in property report.

Everything runs with clockwork efficiency, supported by industry-specific software and digital records. Nothing is left to chance – there are no scribbled notes on scraps of paper, or unanswered messages.

We firmly believe it pays to look after the tenants, as this in return encourages them to look after the property. Satisfied tenants come from being treated with respect, in a quality property backed by professional property management.

Money Management & Financial Reporting

Rent payments and other expenses to be paid by the tenant will be monitored on a daily basis and our strict arrears policy kicks in immediately should a payment not come in on time.

Once a month we will send you a statement with all the financial information relating to your property.

Our Professional Property Management fee is 7.5% plus GST (min. $120 per month).

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RentPro Professional Property Management is a full-service residential property management company that is designed by property owners to meet their precise needs – not by property managers with their own agenda. We know what works best for our fellow owners, and we have years of successful property management experience in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa.